A2F Data Conversion Export As USD SkelAnimation is not work when work Blendshape in maya

  1. MyModel_usdSkel.usd import maya

  2. MyModel.usd import maya

  3. Fix MyModel Faceshape

  4. Set Blnedshape and Export Usd File

  5. import A2F and set A2F Data Conversion

  6. Export as usd skelAnimation

  7. import Unreal
    It is work till 5 but when I try 6 ~ 7 it was not work. Something I have miss?

Hi @user109766 - and welcome to the forums and Omniverse community!

Our documentation page is here, but have you also seen the latest video focused on this topic? BlendShape Generation in Omniverse Audio2Face - YouTube

Previous videos:

We have a nice video playlist for Audio2Face here: Playlist | PRODUCT - Omniverse Audio2Face | NVIDIA On-Demand

A previous post from another user may be a good resource as well:

Please let me know if these help you or you need further assistance and I will discuss with the development team.


P.S. We are constantly adding new tutorials and aggregate them all in the “learn” tab on the launcher (also see: NVIDIA Omniverse Tutorials | NVIDIA Developer).

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Still not work.
I fixed Blendshape in Maya2019
Error popup like this in Unreal
Failed to import ‘…/…/…/…/…/…/Users/Id/OneDrive/Documents/Kit/shared/capture/a2f_cache.usd’.
Please see output log for details.

demo_meta_test_03.usd (22.2 MB)
This is my Project and Export as USD SkelAnimation Files.

a2f_cache_FACS.usd (689.7 KB)

Hello @user109766. Sorry to hear that you are running into an error. I informed the dev team to take a look at this post.

Hi @user109766 Are you trying to drive MetaHuman in Unreal Engine? If so please see this tutorial.

I use Metahuman Model in Project because of hard to share model.
my problem is that is it ok when I use at blendshape in maya modelname.usd (Export from A2F Blendshape Generator)
but when I make Blendshape in maya with not make in A2F Blendshape Generator i can see error.

I watched the video above
How to solve this problem
Failed to import ‘…/…/…/…/…/aduio2Face/a2f_cache.usd’.
Please see Output Log for details.