Audio2face to unreal with custom head

I have a custom head
I bring it to Audio2face
then I setup the character and extract blendshapes for it
audio2face itself gives me two files (xxx.usd and xxx_usdSkel.usd)

now I did two ways:
first way:
1.I export USD SkelAnimation (some talking animation)
2. import xxx_usdSkel.usd to unreal and it gave me rigs and mesh and morphs
3.I tried to import USD SkelAnimation and choosing the rig from step 2 but always it fails.

second way:
1.I export all of blendshapes with xxx.usd in maya and I create a simple rig for it
2.I export to Audio2face then I conect my face to its morph then export my lip animation again as USD SkelAnimation
3.again I import my fbx file with my rig.
4.I tried to import USD SkelAnimation and choosing the rig from step 2 but always it fails.

***** if when I am importing I choose metahuman archtype skeleton… the usd skeleton cache will import seccuessfully… but i dont wannat import with taht skeleton I want to import on my skeleton.

how can I export to unreal with my skeleton

Hello @sbehrangtaheri!

I will need to reach out to the dev team for some help here.

I know that Jae Solina talks about something simular in his tutorial video here:
Nvidia Omniverse Audio2face to Unreal Engine Metahuman Tutorial

If it helps, we do have a tutorial about exporting the A2F Metahuman into Unreal: Overview of the Omniverse Audio2Face to Metahuman Pipeline with Unreal Engine 4 Connector

Hello @sbehrangtaheri. I’m sorry for your frustrations. Currently the import facial animation workflow in Unreal only works on metahumans. We do have a ticket opened for this to support custom characters as well. If you are ok importing the skeleton/skeletal mesh/animation all together, you can currently do that with the Unreal USD plugin. You would need to deactivate the Omniverse plugin to do this. Although, Epic’s USD Importer does not support just animation clips through USD, so it would want to re-import the skeleton each time. I need to go through the workflow myself, but you should also be able to do something through maya as well. If you get your A2F setup working in Maya… I think you need to export as json and run the script included in this tutorial. You should be able to get animation clip imports working through the FBX workflow in Unreal. We hope to have the USD import for custom characters resolved soon. Thank you!