Audio2Face & Unreal: Export Custom Metahuman Head From Unreal With Blendshapes For Blendshape Solve

I am trying to export metahuman head from Unreal Engine 5.1. I export as FBX and select export morph targets, but when I import into Audio2Face I cannot see the blendshapes anywhere and so I cannot do blendshape solve. How do i properly export metahuman head from Unreal?

I believe Metahuman characters don’t have blendShapes. There’s this other post similar to this post which might give you more information: Can you import a Metahuman Mesh into Audio2Face? - #2 by yseol

To driver a Metahuman face using A2F, you might not need to bring your own character from Unreal to A2F. You can just export the blendShape weight animation from A2F to Unreal. Take a look at this video for example: Omniverse Audio2face Metahuman Tutorial - YouTube