A2F for UE NON-Metahuman Pipeline with Unreal Engine 4 Connector?

Hi - I want to import an A2F file into UE that is used in Sequencer as you showed in the below tutorial for a MetaHuman but my character is NOT a Metahuman. Do I still use the “Face_Aychetype_Skeleton” for my UE character or a different skeleton? Currently, I’m using the UE4 Mannequin skeleton.

with appreciation,

Hello @GeorgeSmith! Welcome to the Community! I have informed the Audio2Face development team to come assist you on this post. We should hear from them shortly! Appreciate you reaching out to us!

Hi @GeorgeSmith , welcome to Audio2Face.

At the moment the function only supports the metahuman face.
If you have a character that has the same facial setup to the metahuman, it would work. Otherwise, not.

“Facial set-up” as in the morphs/blendshapes AND skeleton; OR just the blendshapes?

Facial setup means skeleton and ctrl names here.