Audio2Face 2021.3.1 - Support for Metahuman - is now live on launcher

Audio2Face 2021.3.1 release brings important updates to the Blendshape conversion process by including a “pose Symmetry” option and the much anticipated support for Epic Games, Unreal Engine 4 - Metahuman. Support is provided via the Omniverse Unreal Engine Connector version 103.1 which can be found in the OV launchers “exchange” tab and under the “connectors” list. To see the entire end to end process - From Audio2Face - to setup within UE4 and Metahuman - please watch the video tutorial found at NV On Demand This initial version supports MetaHuman via the Blendshape conversion process and export to USDskelanim format. The UE4 connector will allow you to import your audio2face generated animation to a UE4 Metahuman character.

Release notes:

  • Blendshape Solve: Symmetry Option - Allows the user to determine how much symmetry the blendshape solve should have.
  • Save / Load Blendshape conversion preset from OV server.
  • New “delete setup” button for deleting the Blendshape solve setup.
  • USD export adds UV support.
    • Export all indices.
  • Splash screen image fix.
  • Maya Connector blendshape export fix.
  • Audio2Face to Metahuman - initial support via USD export process.
  • Metahuman animation curve export from Blendshape conversion.
  • Requires Omniverse Unreal Engine Connector version 103.1 to support the import of A2F data.

Path to A2F Blendshape Asset.




Can you share the file male_bs_46.usd that contains the blendshape?

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Path to the Mark blendshape asset. Go to localhost in the content browser.


thank you

Sorry to bother you again.
I’m studying this video: BlendShapes Part 1: Importing a Mesh in Omniverse Audio2Face.
I used the male_bs_46.usd file and exported a json file.
But when loading this json file in maya, I encountered problems.
Code error: no object with matching name.
I guess it’s because I’m missing the source file that has the “blendshape1” property.
This file appears in the video, please tell me where I need to go to find him.
My English is not very good, I hope I have expressed my problem clearly, thank you again.

This file appears in the video

Hi @377351842 , yeah to test this, you need a blendshape model in Maya that has the same list of poses as in the .json file.
At the moment, our template model is just an example, and we don’t provide the Maya file. We assume you have your custom face/blendshape model in Maya, and get the result by following the tutorial.

Once Omniverse Maya connector supports proper .usd import of the blendshapes, you will simply be able to get it by importing “male_bs_46.usd” file into Maya. The feature is on development, and we will let users know when it’s ready.

Thank you for your reply, it was very helpful to me.

This does not work for me.

Path to A2F Blendshape Asset.

I keep getting the error message: Error omniverse… (the path)… is unreachable.

How do I get this Omniverse localhost path to the blendshape working so that I can continue the steps to making Audio2Face work with Metahuman retargeting in Unreal Engine 4.27? Thanks in advance.

Hi @user18358. It sounds like there is potentially a problem with your Local Nucleus service configuration. Did you complete the setup process for all aspects required? Create an account and then successfully Log into the nucleus service?

Hello guys,

metahuman support is great, thanks! Is it also possible to drive a metahuman rig in real time without exporting the blendshapes first?


We plan to work on that feature within this year, but cannot confirm the exact date yet. thanks for the interest!