Audio2Face 2021.3 is now available

2021.3 Highlights

Blendshape Solver and blend weight exporter.

Hi everyone, New to this update is the ability to import a custom Mesh with Blendshapes and connect it to Audio2Face with the new Blendshape Solver. You can run the blendshapes in Live mode or export the resulting blendshape weights as a Json file or UsdSkel anim file. You’ll find the Blendshape solver under the new “A2F Data Conversion” tab. The new one stop shop for all your exporting needs. In addition we have added the much needed ability to save the current state of your Audio2Face setup as a USD file – presets are also available for blendshape setups to help economize larger volume throughput. Presets available for Char transfer correspondence also as of 2021.2.6. This makes it easy for users to share and distribute assets that can directly connect with the application. Reallusion character generator assets can also be used with the new Blendshape solver.

2021.3.0 release notes

  • A2F Data Conversion Tab: With the addition of Blendshape support - We have consolidated all of the export processes to one tab dedicated to data output.
  • Blendshape Support: Provides the functionality to connect a blendshape driven asset - to our A2F asset
  • A2F Attributes - Save/Load: The ability to save the current state of A2F in a USD file.
  • Kit SDK 102.
  • Geom Subset Deformation: Now supported.
  • Wireframe toggle Menu in Rendering > Visualizers >> Toggle Wireframe
  • No longer need omni.hydra.ui (setting is on Edit>Preferences>UsdSkel section), Blendshape is default enabled.
  • Prox Deformer. Animation > Deformers > Show PROX UI. This is similar to wrap, but has option for rigid partition bind for hair cards.
  • Latest Toolbox. Added the BUILT-IN > SkelAnimation > Create BlendShapes ROM
  • Mesh menu. Mesh separate tools by GeomSubset or partition.
  • New A2F icon
  • Updates to Blendshape export options
  • Prox deformer Bug fix.
  • Added precacher.

Test Blendshape assets can be found here.

Tutorial Videos for NVOD and YouTube will be coming online today.