How to export arkit blendshapes weights

I want to export 52 arkit blendshapes(not mark 46 blendshapes) weights as json file.
what should I do?

Hello @user119975! Welcome to the community! I informed the dev team of your question. I will post here when I hear back!

Hi @user119975 ,
Our blendshape solve is based on the number of blendshapes available on the target.
In your case, if you need 52 arkit blendshape animated weights on the json, if you have a mesh with those blendshapes that matches the topology of your target head, then the json would contain those 52 animated values.


  • first do Character Transfer from Mark to your target head.
  • next, set the Input Anim Mesh on the BLENDSHAPE CONVERTION panel to the result of the character transfer, and set the Blendshape Mesh to your mesh with those 52 shapes,
  • then run the Setup Blendshape Solve.


Hope it helps.