Audio2Face 2021.3.2 is live

Audio2Face 2021.3.2 closes out 2021 with two new features. Blendshape Generation and a Streaming Audio Player . The Blendshape Generation tool allows the user to generate a set of Blendshapes from a Neutral Head mesh. Connect your character to Audio2Face using the Character Transfer process and the BlendShape Generation tool will do the rest. The shapes can be used as generated - or use as a template in your favorite DCC where you can edit the shapes to suit your desired character performance. It can also facilitate the editing of blendshape animation exported from A2F in your DCC app. In addition we have included a Streaming Audio Player. The Streaming Audio player allows the streaming of audio data from external sources such as Text to Speech applications via the gRPC protocol.

New Features.

Blendshape Generation.

Streaming Audio Player.


  • Update kit sdk to 102.1.2
  • Set a2f to support ov server for file IO with server type omniverse.
  • blendshape generation layout for Z-up scene.
  • fix initial audio path for ov-url.
  • Docs and comments for test_client script (Streaming Audio Player).
  • Wizard: different layouts for different scenes; TTS window within Streaming demo scene.
  • Common A2FWindow class with visibility menu item.
  • TTS client.
  • TTS History Widget.
  • TTS: submit text on Enter key pressed
  • TTS: restore last item from history on Up key pressed.
  • TTS: player_client: volume_multiplier parameter.
  • TTS: locks for player_client and tts_client.
  • TTS: better grpc error handling, minor.
  • TTS: Settings Widget, minor.
  • update locked extension versions.
  • Support of abs net paths in core config
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