A2F data Conversion not working

I have some problem with a2f data conversion.

I already able to generate blendshape and export it, and confirm it working (has moving blendshape) in Blender.
But so far not have any success make the blendshape mesh to be moved by the a2f. So i can’t have blendshape animation version of a2f.

Here’s some file i attache
The original file (before apply a2f data conversion)
and the error file
Nur a2f Setup_6 not working.usd (23.1 MB)
Nur a2f Setup_6.usd (22.2 MB)

Also here’s the usd char file i used if you need it
NAGY 2.5.usdc (904.9 KB)
Nagy A2F New Export_usdSkel.usd (705.9 KB)

@WendyGram can you help me please???

Hello @abetjikan! I’ve sent this issue over to development team for further assistance!


A development ticket was created from this post. OM-77497: A2F data Conversion not working

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Thank you wendy, looking forward to it

Hi @abetjikan, nice to meet you.

Have you tried the blendshape solve to move your blendshape rig (the exported usdSkel file)?
This tutorial shows the process of making the blendshape animation. Could you let us know on which part you get stuck please?

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Hi again, seems like your model has a very small scale compared to the A2F default model.
If you decrease the blendshape solve parameters similar to below, you will get the animation on the blendshape model.

Weight regularization: 0.001
Temporal Smoothing: 0.001
Weight Sparsity: 0.001

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ow waw… that’s working! Thank you @yseol !
I don’t really know the model has small scale because i just directly export it from blender (from nvidia omniverse version).
Hmm… maybe i guess need to upscale disize to make things easier???

Can you change this option (tick or untick) when you export the blender model via omniverse add-on?
Depending on this option, you might get the correctly scaled model in Audio2Face.


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yes i can untick it, l’ll try it out later.
Thank you!!!

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