Blendshape conversion not working

Hi there, I am trying to get a json file to bring back into blender for blendshape animation.

I have the blendshapes back in blender working but am having trouble getting a json animation from A2F.
This custom avatar has blendshapes correctly transferred from mark. Then reimported the USD skel (on the right) and set up blendshape solve, however, there seems to be no sync on the USD skel avatar.

Also, here are the files.
AvatarBase02.usd (21.7 MB)
AvatarBase02_Blendshapes02.usd (1.7 MB)
AvatarBase02_Blendshapes02_usdSkel.usd (834.1 KB)

Hi @vaughmj1, welcome Audio2Face.

It is due to the scale difference between your model and our template model. (yours is very tiny compared to the template)
If you change the blendshape solve parameters as in this image, it will move the face.
As this is a frequently asked question, we will add the auto-tuning of those parameters in the next release. You can start from 0 on those parameters and find the best values that recreates your animation well.

BTW, from your UI, it seems like you’re using an old version of A2F. You can update it to the latest version using the Omniverse launcher.

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Thank you, appreciate the help.

I thought scale might be an issue, as I had to scale up the USD skel after bringing it back in, but didn’t know how to correct it. Scale is a common issue moving from different 3D apps.

Also, I recently installed A2F, I mistakenly assumed it would install the latest, didn’t think to check.