When creating blendshape generation usdSkel is SUPER tiny

Hello! I just started playing with Audio2Face. I’m following this tutorial: BlendShape Generation in Omniverse Audio2Face - YouTube

My first attempt I did it on the allison model and everything worked great. My second attempt I have been trying to use the blender rain character model (studio[.]blender[.]org/characters/5f1ed640e9115ed35ea4b3fb/v2/). Here are the steps I took and the weird outcome I’m getting:

  1. I modified the rain character in blender to separate the eyes and then exported it as USD
  2. I imported the USD file in A2F and followed the character transfer steps as shown in the video
  3. When doing the Blendshape Generation, I first did “Preview in Stage” and everything looked good. I then exported the blendshape generation and was able to generate the USD and usdSkel file.
  4. When dragging the usdSkel file into the stage, at first it seemed like nothing happend, but then I scaled the xform by 100 and there it was. 100x scale matched the original mesh size.
  5. Then I tried to do the Blendshape Conversion. It succeeded, but when I played the audio it seemed like the usdSkel mesh wasn’t doing anything. Zooming into the mouth, I can actually tell that it was moving very very little.
  6. Exporting the weights as json and opening that json file showed that there were in fact weights in there but many were showing very small values (i.e. 7.454361821146449e-05 or smaller)

Any ideas why this is happening?

Hello @andrew199! I informed the dev team of your issue. Could you either attach your USD file or email it to me at omniversecommunity@nvidia-omniverse.atlassian.net?

Hi @andrew199 that’s because of the scale difference between the template model and the blender model.

If you go to the property panel of the blendshape solve instance, you can find this option part and please set very small values for those boxes in the attached image. Then the blendshape model will move in audio2face + have valid values in the .json file.
Please give it a go.

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