A2F transfer to custom character

So I managed to somehow get the shapes out of A2F as a json (not too sure what’s the workflow with usd for bshapes), but all of the values are sooo minimal that it doesnt move the face too much. Anyone had this issue or could share their workflows A2F to blendshapes to maya? (I think I saw all the nvidia videos there are some errors even when following them for me: following step by step Screenshot by Lightshot I get the bshapes, but they are so minimal)
Any help would be appreciated!

Hello @user117349. Welcome to the Community! I let the Audio2Face team know about your question. Also, be sure to check out our Audio2Face documentation here: Audio2Face Overview — Omniverse Audio2Face documentation

@user117349 Hi, Can you confirm the problem. When you setup your blendshape mesh in Audio2Face with the character transfer and then generate the blendshape animation - Does it look correct in Audio2Face and only the export has limited values? Or are you seeing very muted animation in Audio2Face too? If you’d like to share your asset with us we can take a look.

Very small changes when transfering from blendshapes to blendshapes even tho shapes themselves are pretty okay for my custom character.

bite1.usd (221.7 KB)
bee_full.usd (16.8 MB)

I think I found what was the problem, it’s about scaling size. I cannot scale my bee head at all, it always has to be the same size. I did not freeze scale in maya which was of 50 to match marks head, now I froze and redid all the steps and now the blendshapes transfer pretty normally!

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