Problems with blendshape conversion

Hello, I tried to convert blendshapes according to your instructions from the video tutorials. Unfortunately, the last step is an error in the solver and the blendshape head does not work. I am familiar with similar problems on your forum. Blendshape conversion error
In this thread you have helped the user a lot. I looked at the file you sent him and tried to do the same. It was a failure. Maybe the problem is in the name of my blendshapes because I took them from ARKit. If you can fix my usd file I would be very grateful. I use ARKit blendshapes to transfer your lip sync to metahuman. If that’s not possible, maybe you have an fbx file with the blendshapes of the tuned head, then I could take it for the transfer instead of the ARkit. Here is my usd.ar_kit_3.usd (726.6 KB)

Hello @bochar54! Welcome to the Community!

I let the development team know about your post! We should hear from back from them soon. Thanks for reaching out to us!

Hi @bochar54, welcome to Audio2Face.

I checked your file and this is due to an issue between Maya connector and Audio2Face when write/read .usd file with blendshapes. We made a fix for that and will release a new audio2face very soon. Sorry for the inconvenience!
In the meantime, you can try this file, I fixed the part that was wrong, and confirmed that this is working for blendshape conversion.
The fix I made → I had to remove “blendshape1” from all the pose names in skel:blendShapes attribute.

ar_kit_3.usda (2.4 MB)

Hi, thank you very much. Everything works. Very much looking forward to new updates of your program. I would like to know more about your solver, what it is based on and how it finds the right blenshape names, maybe you have a specific library of names. Unfortunately I have no access to CC3, but it seems to me that the result of transfer on CC3 heads is better than the custom ones.

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