Audio2Face 2023.10 back to iClone 8.3

Hi good people of the fourom,
I passed all the Procedures to a succesful face animation with a mesh from iClone 8.3.
works beautiful :-) ( unfourtunatly the only good tut. I found is a year old one: but still work to a point)
the issue is export back to iClone.
after selecting the input anim mesh and blendshape mesh under blaedshape conversion and push the set up blendshape button solve I get this this yellow warning: “there is already omni.audio2face for…”
never the less I continue. marked the jason format as batched and exported weights.
it did the export …
importing back to iClown 8.3 the lips worked but the nuances that appeard so nicely in Audio2Face where gone.
the other problem - no sound. not on speackers none on timeline although the Audio2Face exporter exported the sound.

apologyze for the post lengh - It took me twice the time to write it down :)


Hi there @adhorow2 and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums.

I was out a while so your post got stuck in the wrong sub-forum.

Let me move it over to the audio2face experts for you.


Hello and welcome to the forums @adhorow2

We usually lose a little bit of quality when converting facial animations to blendShapes. Could you share a video showing the differences?

I’m not quite sure if Audio2Face exports the audio. Is there a way to play an audio file inside iClone? Are you using the default A2F audio files or you have your own audio file? Are you trying to play the default A2F audio files inside iClone?