From Audio2face to iClone 8 not working properly

Hi, my name is Rafael, I’ve been trying to animate an avatar from iClone 8 to Audio2Face but I always get the same problem during the process. Every tutorial I try I stuck in the same problem. For example, just after I apply Post Wrap, the head of the avatar is misshapen and out of position, very different from the tutorial videos I’ve been following on youtube (like this one Audio2Face Nvidia Omniverse and iClone8 - YouTube) and after this problem I realize the JSON file won’t work well in iClone. Someone can help me?

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Are you able to share your resulting scene file so we can investigate?

Thanks for responding me.

My iClone was recently updated (version 8.23)

Explaining a little more about this. First point, when exporting the USD file from iClone 8 using a default iClone avatar, the result generates a file with this name CC3_Base_Plus_A2F.usd and its related materials, so far it looks good.

Following the latest tutorials available on Youtube (specially this one attached here previously), everything seems normal, but when you get to Post Wrap things get weird, for example, the teeth are detached from the head. The head is completely out of position, becoming misshapen.

When adjusting the head close to the starting position, it is clearly possible to see that the teeth are outside the avatar.

After exporting the JSON file and importing it into iClone, the avatar’s mouth has this strange photo format and obviously the animation doesn’t work.

It looks like you’re using 2022.1.2 which is a little old. Can you try the latest version which is 2022.2.1?

You’ve got the point… let’s try the new version, thanks for the hint.