Audio2Face Postwrap fail in V1.2

I’m trying the tutorial here: Audio2Face - Character Setup Overview | NVIDIA On-Demand

I’m using the sample file: omniverse://localhost/NVIDIA/Assets/Audio2Face/Samples/char_transfer/alien_tagged.usd

However when I do Post Wrap, the result looks like Mark instead of the alien head. I’ve attached a video here, am I missing some steps?

Audio2Face version: 2022.1.2

Ok just verified this only happen in version 1.2, 1.1 works properly. Please help look into it, thanks.

Hello @qazs! I am checking the the dev team to see if this is a bug. I appreciate you letting us know!

Hi @qazs , can you share the full log file, please?
Thank you

Not sure what happened but it’s working properly now, thanks

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