This App is a Mess and this forum is a Ghost Town

For the makers of the most ubiquitous GPU’s on EARTH, how can they not have the staff dedicated to their apps to help answer the myriad questions of this mysterious and flawed app? I follow the tutorials exactly and yet, somehow, I can’t get audio to load, or I load audio and “Marks” mouth doesn’t move at all… WHY? This is so frustrating, to have a client relying on mouth animation of a 3D character and be met with total indifferent silence in terms of support. I know the app is free and that’s amazing but I WILL PAY just to have someone help figure out how tf to get this thing to work. Guys, please hire more than one guy to make your tutorials and answer forum questions…

Hi @joshuaslundquist , thanks for trying Audio2Face!
Could you please provide the full log file, located here, so that we can identify the issue:


Ok will send. And thanks, my frustration is mostly at the UI being not super intuitive, not at you the employees. Obviously you’re doing yr best.

I finally figured out the workflow is having “Mark” (or whatever mesh driver) selected and then clicking on the A2F Pipeline, etc. I’ll let you know if I run into anything else, thank you.

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@joshuaslundquist I totally understand you. But hey, they are releasing a fullface emotion update at the end of this month/early next month.

As you probably find more problems on your way, please use some time to go though the videos of my progress here (from to bottom up so you do not use too much time) :

Hey guys. Thanks @joshuaslundquist and @pekka.varis for the feedback and sorry for your frustrations. I wanted to let you guys know there are efforts currently underway to make the user setup experience better. We recognize there are user experience improvements to make such as mesh checkers for asset validation and a guided user experience to setting up an asset in audio2face along with a simplified workflow for reconnecting the output to the full body. Our current priority was getting you guys a more complete face with emotion and tongue/teeth/eyes along with improved stability. The Fullface release coming early this summer will have the mesh checker and subsequent development will look to improve the user workflow experience within audio2face and it’s interaction with other applications and extensions.

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Great! Looking forward to get this update :)