Computer specs ?

Yeah, audio to face. I Am not in front of my computer right now however I downloaded and installed the latest version two days ago and the program will not fully engage and the UI does not ever appear. Sorry for the vague and cryptic message, it was late and I was beat and had to get some sleep. Thank you.

Hi @mikusanimation I have directed the Audio2Face Team to this forum post. In the meantime, can you please let us know the following information?

  • Computer Environment (OS, GPU, GPU Driver)
  • Application Versions
  • If it is reproducible, what are the steps to reproduce it?

@mikusanimation The dev team also needs to see where the app is running into an issue. Can you please send over a copy of your log here: C:\Users\USERNAME.nvidia-omniverse\logs\Kit\Audio2Face\2021.2\LATEST_FILE.log

Hi Wendy,
After my meeting wraps up I will be able to go over the requests you sent and deliver back to you as much as possible

Just a quickly reply. This error usually means you are not using an RTX / compatible GPU. Pls confirm the HW and OS spec you have when you get a chance + full log if you can.

In case is the hardware, the minimal requirement is RTX gpu and Windows 10 version 1909 or above.


I have an RTX GPU, unless the RTX 980 is not capable and I do have the updated and most current version of windows. I have had no issues using the RTX 980 with pretty hefty graphic responsibilities and I did see that on your specs the RTX 980 was not listed.
something as capable as the current GPU I Am using and considering how much I spent on this graphic card I just Am wondering is it really that big of a gap between what I currently have and what is being suggested I have to have to run the Audio 2 face APP?

Do you mean the GTX 980, released in 2014 ? If yes it will not work as the app audio2face needs the special cores (tensor/RT cores) which are only available on the RTX 2000 and RTX 3000 cards (as well as the recent Quadro RTX cards).

Yes, sorry, GTX 980, and oh my goodness, It’s been that long since they came out, well that says a lot about the NVIDIA GTX 980 because this will be the very first task since I bought my two rigs that they cannot rise up to the task, and I have spent a lot of time doing 3D animation, motion capture and facial capture and just wrapped up a new animated short without a hiccup from my gear. I appreciate your help and thank you.