Cannot import my own audio files

I’m on Win 10. Basic functionality seems fine so far but I just can’t load my own audio.

My log file:
kit_20240107_173557.log (867.8 KB)

When I select the custom directory containing my WAV files, it says no options available. If I add the file to the default directory, it doesn’t show up in the Track Name dropdown menu.

@fuselayer0 i am just another OV user, but one of the big issues I noticed after going through the log is the GPU you are using to run A2F. it appears you are currently using a GTX 1080 card while OV apps in general will require RTX hardware. so, audio file issue aside, your hardware will likely lead to A2F’s functionality issues.

you can take a look at the technical requirements for A2F app here and see if its feasible for you to get access to a RTX card and try again:

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I am aware about the RTX requirement. Not feasible for the time being.

so, audio file issue aside…

The audio file issue is really my only issue. I haven’t had any problem running A2F livelink with UE5 when using the default audio files.

edit: I solved the issue by converting the .wav audio file’s sample rate to 48 kHz

This is indeed due to Audio2Face not finding an RTX GPU unfortunately.

It’s not. I just had to transcode the audio file to 48 kHz sample rate. Works fine now.

Glad you found a solution. Just out of curiosity, can you see anything in the viewport?

No, I can’t. Everything else still works though.

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