Audio2face doesn't recognize my audio files

Hello everyone, I’m using audio2face 2023.1.1, and when I try to upload any of my wav or mp3 files, it doesn’t recognize them. If I drag and drop them, they appear on the stage as “omniaudio,” and when I play them in the scene, they only play for a maximum of 1 second. I can’t get my voice to adapt to Mark’s mesh because of this issue. I’ve searched through their documentation and various YouTube tutorials, but I can’t find a solution to this. They don’t even show how to import audio, and although the documentation mentions that they support many audio formats, I can’t figure out which file to upload or if there’s a specific configuration needed for importing.

@meblockvr i am a fellow user, and this post will likely be moved to A2F channel (at least, sounds like the issue you are having isn’t related to Composer). if that’s the case, i believe the missing ingredient is an audio player. you can do that under the Audio2Face Tool tab. there’s an older tutorial you can take a look at how to set up an A2F pipeline, which includes an audio player. here’s another video that’s more current in case you cannot follow along with the other.

if you are not able to see the audio file for some reason next to the “Track Name” parameter in the audio player, that might be related to how the audio file was created.

I have moved this to the A2F forum. I will post this issue with our Dev Team and get back to you. Thanks

Any update on this question? I’m having the same issue, Updated my audio2face to 2023 and now i can’t upload my Wav recordings into the “track root path” area like i could before

@quarter.wit.animation the ‘track root path’ is the folder location, you won’t be able to see the .wav files there. ‘track name’ field has the dropdown to locate the actual .wav files


i’ve seen users who would only see ‘No options’ next to ‘track name’; and, if that’s the case, can you provide a bit more about how the audio was sourced and the export setting used?

Hi, looks like it’s working now! In the previous version when i selected the little folder icon beside “track root path” it would allow me to navigate to the folder where i had my audi files, and it would display the audio files, but now it doesnt actually show/display the audio files, but when i just select the folder it brings the audio files in anyway (and pops them into the “track names” section like you said.

So i got my files in there so thanks!

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