Audio2Face not opening

Audio2Face not opening.

kit_20231106_171925.log (703.7 KB)

@kingsky99 do you have the same issue with other OV apps like Composer or Code?

@Simplychenable I haven’t tested it before

@kingsky99 It looks like you have multiple GPUs. Can you disable the Non RTX ones from Device Manager and try again?

@Ehsan.HM The problem still exists after disabling the device。

Can you reinstall the GPU driver, restart and try again?

@Ehsan.HM After reinstalling the graphics card driver, 546.01, the problem still exists

ok, now can you send your latest log file again?

Can you also try installing driver 531? (You will need to restart after installing the driver before trying A2F.)

kit_20231107_103035.log (702.6 KB)

kit_20231107_113858.log (700.5 KB)
I have installed version 531 of the graphics driver and the software is still crashing

Sorry to hear that @kingsky99. I’ll ask the rest of the team.

Just like @Simplychenable suggested, could you also try installing another omniverse app using Launcher, e.g: USD Composer to see if it opens?

I just tested it and it can run USD Composer normally

What about the avatarstream app? This app is located in the same folder as audio2face. You can find the location of audio2face from Launcher.

kit_20231108_131017.log (577.0 KB)

@kingsky99 Interestingly a couple of other people have faced this error before. But unfortunately, this issue doesn’t happen consistently to figure out what the cause is.
That said, we’re hoping this gets fixed in the next release of A2F when we update our SDK. Sorry for the inconvenience.

OK,Thank you.