Audio2face2023.1.1 cannot start

Hello guys, I followed the steps to install ov, cahe, nucleus, audio2face, but when I press the launch button of a2f, the software crashes halfway through the startup. This is what is displayed on the command line when I start it with audio2face.bat, it seems to contain some error messages about py310, but I can’t figure out the problem.

These are what I’ve tried but didn’t help:
Install in the latest version of win10
Install in win11
Update graphics driver
Change from gameReady to studio
Start as administrator
Uninstall and reinstall a2f
Uninstall and reinstall ov and a2f
Reinstall the system (win10)
Change the location of library and data in the settings, then uninstall and reinstall a2f
Change the language to English, then uninstall and reinstall a2f
audio2face.bat_log.txt (49.9 KB)

@48717971 are you having issues with other OV apps like Composer? do you mind uploading the OV Launcher log as well? you can find it here - C:\Users\%username%\.nvidia-omniverse\logs\launcher.log

@Simplychenable I tried other ov app like kit app and it seems normal. It seems only a2f is not working.
Here is the luncher log.
Thanks for help.
launcher.log (120.5 KB)

what i noticed was that there are two separate users in the two logs you have uploaded. this is not something i’ve seen before. is one before you reinstalled the OS and the other from after? (not sure if its relevant in finding the solution, but just wanted to confirm)

just to clarify, i am not with the dev and just another user reying to help out. thay said, can you try something? uninstall the current A2F app via the Launcher and install the last version prior to the one you just uninstalling. do this until you find one that works. i’d like to see if we can narrow down on the crash.

@Simplychenable Thank you for your help. Yes, the multiple user names are due to reinstalling the system and changing computers. In fact, there are 3 users in the two logs…
I’ve tried both versions 2023.1.1 and 2023.1.0, but haven’t tried the version starting with 2022, I’ll give it a try and share more info.
Thanks again.

@Simplychenable I tried 2022.2.1 and it works fine.

i see, did you happen to upgrade your GPU recently?

@Simplychenable I haven’t upgraded or replaced the GPU recently. The situation is that I have two computers, win10-3090 and win11-4070ti.