Audio2Face: Setup blendshape solve error with Reallusion Character Creator

Good afternoon, respected Nvidia team. I have encountered a problem that I have been unable to solve for several days. I am working on a project with a Reallusion character that I created in the Character Creator program. According to your manuals and training videos from the internet, I exported it to Audio2Face and successfully synchronized it with audio. But at the Setup blendshape solve stage, in order to upload the Json file to iClone, the program fails and does not perform the actions shown in all the tutorials. Simply put, the Blendshapes list is not created and the export button does not work.

To help you understand the problem, I recorded a video where I showed all my actions from beginning to end:

I have also uploaded an archive with the project in USD and textures and the current LOG file to Google Drive.

Just to note, I am using Audio2Face version 2023.1.1.

Hi @Voogie
From the video, it seems you’re doing all the steps correctly. But there’s one small thing that I think might be the reason for this issue.

When creating the blendShape Solver node, can you make sure not to select CC_Base_Body under transfer_character prim as the BlendShape Mesh. Instead reference-in a your original character and select the body from that one as the BlendShape Mesh. But keep in mind that you selected the CC_Base_Body_Result as the Input Anim Mesh which is correct.

Thank you, it seems we have made progress in our investigation, but unfortunately, the project still did not work.

I GOT THE EXPORT OPTION when I connected the original character entirely (and not just his head). However, the lip synchronization still did not work. When I imported the JSON file into Iclone, nothing happened. The character remained motionless.I tried using the original Reallusion profile, as well as tried exporting without it. The result was equally non-functional :(

Here is a video showing what I did from start to finish during the work:

Also, for your convenience, I have uploaded to the cloud an archive with all the character files, in case you decide to check what the issue is (file name^ Second_Try): Audio_To_Face - Google Drive