Cant export blendshapes

hi guys.

trying to export blendshapes with new beta release, as older releases can´t start at all anymore, for some reason.

geting this errors

what do i need to do?


Hello @sinisa! Let me know if this is correct. It sounds like you installed the new version of Audio2Face and now the older versions are no longer working. You are also not able to export any blendshapes.

So I have a couple of suggestions for when I run into this issue.

Let me know if this cleans up the problem! If not, send me a copy of your logs from here: C:\Users\<USERNAME>\.nvidia-omniverse\logs\Kit\Audio2Face and include any new details that may help us troubleshoot the issue!

Good morning,
I too have a very similar problem with the latest beta version of Audio2Face (2022.2.1).
I attach the errors:

Can anyone help me?

Welcome to the forum @design31
Can you try Wendy’s post and let us know if it doesn’t work?

i have already tried but doesn’t work.
could it be a bug?

Are you able to send your scene file? If not, are you able to send your A2F log file which can be found here: C:\Users\<USERNAME>\.nvidia-omniverse\logs\Kit\Audio2Face?

kit_20230614_173022.log (733.1 KB)

From the log, it seems the blendShape solver node doesn’t have the right inputs.
Can you redo the setup from scratch and see if it keeps erroring?
Or are you able to share your scene file? You’d need to save it as Flattened to make sure everything is saved in one file.

VISO_LEGNO_SCULPT_03_test.usd (22.2 MB)

The tool is supposed to figures out the blendShape weights on copy of the mesh character which has already blendShapes on it. But I couldn’t find a mesh with blendShapes in your scene.

As a test, I exported one of your meshes into Maya, added a few blendShapes and exported the mesh with blendShapes back into A2F using Maya Legacy Connector (which can be installed using Launcher). Then did the blendShape conversion and it worked as expected.

Watching these videos might help have a better understanding of the workflow:

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