Audio 2 Face Create New Project Doesn't Have Template Character

I tried to just figure out Audio2Face, but it is not obvious at all what you do.

My problem now is I go to create new project, and I get an empty screen. I expect that default male template to be there.

The whole Audio 2 Face is too complicated the way you have it. I don’t know how to take what is created and apply that to a character in IClone. Blend Shapes doesn’t exist in IClone that I know of, so how do I go from (Audio2Face if I get my character back) to IClone.

Here is the workflow I would expect:

  1. Select Audio File
  2. AI processes Audio File
  3. An export button appears for to get a motion of some kind to apply to IClone.

Any thing more than that and it is overkill.

Do the instructions sound like what I described at all? Videos don’t help because the person making the video knows how to do this.

Thank you. Technology looks neat, but the way you go about it looks too hard.

Hi @DataJuggler! One of our Community Member VIPs, created a tutorial for us transferring Audio2Face > Reallusion > Unreal Engine MetaHuman Workflow. Here is his video: Omniverse Audio2Face to Reallusion iClone to Unreal Engine MetaHuman Workflow This is an older video, but it has a lot of useful information. Again, he goes fairly fast through the tutorial, but I will reach out to him to help you here!

Also, I am reaching out to our team about making the documentation easier to understand. I actually have several forum posts from people who are confused about Blendshapes. We need to improve that information!

I had started watching that video before. I am not very familiar with unreal, so I never made it to the IClone part I might understand.

That is the part I still don’t understand is the how I apply a USD skeletal motion to IClone. I will try and watch the rest of the video. Maybe it explains it.

Thank you for the reply.