What's the easiest way to render out my audio2face anim?


Just wondering what would be the best way to render out the audio2face animation like a movie sequence from omniverse? I just need the anim as it is inside audio2face as I don’t need to modify it furter in other softwares like iclone or maya.

thanks a lot!

Easiest would be to cache it out to USD. Just geometry cache would be fine.

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A tutorial showing how this is done for CC4 characters is so much needed!


Thank you so much ! I already tried to import the USD into Machinima and it works! :D

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A tutorial showing how this is done for CC4 characters is so much needed!

Yes, here’s hoping it comes soon. It looks so good on the CC3+ characters within the Audio2Face app, I can’t wait to see what I can accomplish with it once I know how to export.

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Wait, how far are you actually? Have you already used cc4 characters inside new A2f with full emotions?


I tried with CC4 characters and it works fine! Just follow their latest tutorials. :D

Yes. I exported the full body CC4 character and ‘chopped the head off’ inside the latest audio2face app. I followed this tutorial. :D

This is also what I did, but you were able to export the Blendshape JSONs back into iClone 8? That’s the part I’m unable to accomplish.

Can you please make a short screen capture of your process?
This is so super important to me, and I am buried with work. I can pay you something for the step-by-step scren capt just going through your process.

You don’t have to pay me whatsoever, but before my work shift today I’ll put together a short step-by-step screen capture showing how I at least get to the export stage, so that hopefully devs can see what I’m doing wrong that’s preventing export of the Blendshape JSONs back into iClone 8.

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Oh I see! I am only testing the automated lip sync at the moment and I haven’t tried to edit it in iClone8 yet. Good luck and hopefully you will find the solution soon !!!

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@rbt730 thank you so much!!!

Cannot waIT :)

@pekka.varis Well, unfortunately I tried to set up the CC3+ five different times tonight and had to start each one over, mostly due to suddenly-misaligned Xforms that I don’t remember how to offset the translation of within this app that I rarely get to use. Sigh.

Anyway: in the meantime before I or hopefully NVIDIA/Reallusion can offer a tutorial, please watch Character Setup: Mesh Tool Overview in Omniverse Audio2Face - YouTube from the time stamp I’ve included to the part where he starts talking about the three different options for the eye meshes. Just go with Set Eye Pivot in the Character Transfer tab and don’t worry about the options. Once you’ve finished that video, proceed to this one-- Overview of Character Setup in Omniverse Audio2Face - YouTube – but skip everything from 9:30 to approximately 12:30 because under Skin Mesh Fitting in the Character Transfer tab, you can just select the Reallusion CC3 Plus preset. You do not need to create the custom correspondences shown in the video for a CC3+ character. Then continue with the rest of that tutorial and hopefully, by the end, you’ll at least be able to preview what your CC3+ character will look like in iClone or Unreal with the incredible possibilities of Audio2Emotion.

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Here is the solution!