Audio2Face animation into Unity

Hiya, so I’m trying to get the Audio2Face animations into a unity .fbx ideally. I have tried importing the animation to blender and then exporting as an fbx (unity doesn’t seem to pick up any animation data even with baking animation set to true, I can’t actually find the animation data in Blender either??) and also the (in preview) USD asset to import the USD into Unity directly…

Ideally I would like to import it as an fbx, so is there are way to bake the animation into the fbx so I can use that in Unity?

If I have to use the USD tools in Unity, how do I get the exported animation to work in Unity?

Any help/leads would be greatly appreciated.

Hello @discmage! You’ll be glad to know that we do have plans to support Unity in the very near future!

For now, let me ask the team what the best workflow would be to import your Audio2Face files into Unity.

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I appreciate the reply and looking into this! :)

Hi @discmage

Right now, the simplest way to get started with audio2face and Blender/Unity is to use alembic caches:

  1. export a usd cache from audio2face
  2. In Blender
    • import it in Blender and export it as an alembic cache
      • select the mesh to export or the transform hierarchy
      • make sur the time range / fps is correct
  3. In Unity
    • load the Alembic pacakge (com.unity.formats.alembic)
    • drag the .abc file to the assets folder
      • changes the import settings as needed ( ie. scale )
    • drag asset to scene
    • setup a new timeline for the gameObject (window> Sequencing > timeline)
      • drag the gameObject to the timeline and Add Clip with Alembic track

The usd package in Unity (com.unity.formats.usd v3.0) should be able to load the usd cache on timeline in a similar way as the alembic caches but when trying on Unity 2021.3 LTS it seem to work but there were errors related to threading that made the animation unplayable.

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Also trying to get my custom A2F character into Unity :-D

So I have imported the character into blender and that seems to work fine. But I can’t seem to export a rigged version of the character as Alembic?

Any thoughts on these two issues would be appreciated!

Hello @discmage,
you are right, alembic caches are mainly for caching geometry/vertex animation.

The Omniverse Blender team has improved the support for blendshapes/skelAnimation .
If you check the latest blender version on the omniverse launcher : prod-Blender 3.4 alpha USD branch

With this release, skelAnimation blendshapes are correctly imported as shape keys in blender.
From there you can export your character as .fbx and import it to Unity.

Here is a quick video of the process:

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