How to use new 2022.1 with CC4 on full body?

@pekka.varis , on your corrupted scene, Can you double check the prox deformer nodes attributes?
I saw before that prox deformer is not maintaining its attributes values in the USD from the UI.
Under /World/LazyGraph, find all the Prox deformers node (they should all have _Prox in their name) and double check the attributes if they are as intended. Change the value and save your scene. the changes should now saved in the scene fine

I’ll make sure this is fixed on our next release

Thanks! I check that out later.
Now I follow your videos in detail, focusing 100%.

I found out that if I save here, I loose the fitted mesh selection :)

I continue!

Following this workflow, you gotta be super careful even when you save the scene…

Again, saving at wrong point of process mess up the deformations:

Now I know 99% sure I have done all exactly like in your videos.
So I now shall try that workaround you told me - Prox deformers nodes.

Les see!

Ok, now I need your help @esusantolim :)

See, I can almost solved the issue by deactivating the very last BODY Prox deformer node:

But then we have that nice belly move :)
Can I send you this scene?

With that scene you can watch the full above video I made, it covers all the steps I made, following your every move.

You can send me the scene if you like.
But form what I see, you just need to reenable the useMaxDistance checkbox of the prox deformer. don’t need to disable it completely.
All the prox deformer affecting the body should have that option reenabled


I tried this, and it fixes the belly movements, but I am confused what part to keep visible… There are some many parts, some moving and some not.

I sent the scene for you as PM.

@esusantolim I hope you can find time to check my scene and guide me how to proceed further. This is a real paid project and customer is waiting.

Hi @pekka.varis ,
As mentioned before. try enable useMaxDistance on the prox deformer that affect the body.
In your scene these are the two Prox at the bottom of the list

Set both to active again (as you previously disabled one),
maxDistance to a value other than 0, like 0.1
useMaxDistance True
That should fix the issue

Hope it helps

Great!! this fixed the errors.

I now continue with the last video connecting to fullbody!

Still gotta work with teeths & eye movement. I take again the latest steps…

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@esusantolim can you please check this out?
I am continuing my work form the point where I finish the “_004_charTransfer” ( refering to your video tutorial naming ) and then I save the file, do the fix with LazyGraph, continue with Attachnig Prims.

Then I do the “005_fixingReadUpdate” and this is were my results are a bit different. Please see my video:

In my case these:
move together.

In your “005_fixingReadUpdate” video at 4:22 they move correctly:

What can this be?
Can you see the reason from my workflow video above?


The solution was simple!

I used the same fix method ( with correct settings ).
These all fixes stay ok after saving / reopening also, so these need to be done only one time :)

@esusantolim please can you check this out:

Everything is now correct except the left Eye is peeking out :/
Can you see from my video what it might be?


The LazyGraph fix did dot worked on this issue:

It is fixing the left eye popping out, but it also stopped the movement of that eye totally.

So I wait for your guidance.

Try fix this one

@esusantolim Thank you but this time the fix was not solving the problem.

I made a video for you to see my full workflow with the Camilla eyeballs:

If you have time, check it out - if there is any error I bet you spot it.
I have done it following your tutorial videos.

Here is the full Camilla CC4 / A2F fullbody motion workflow in one video, including the needed fixes if scene is saved at some point of the workflow.

Thank you very much @esusantolim for you help on this!!!


awesome. great to see!
Thanks for sharing :)

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