Hi, will Nvidia support CentOS8 ?
Or, which CentOS version is better supported by Nvidia?

CentOS has been supported for as long as I remember (for the past 15+ years at the very least).

CentOS 6, 7 and 8 are all supported at the moment. Can’t say anything about CentOS 5 but I’m sure as hell you are not interested in this ages old distro.

I wonder why you’ve asked without even trying. It takes half an hour to download CentOS and install it along with NVIDIA drivers.

I asked because I have been using Ubuntu for a long time. And my new laptop (U 18.04) with Nvidia card is giving lot of issues. Hence wanted to know about CentOS. Lot of people say Nvidia dont support Open source platform adequately.

You meant “lots of open source fanatics who have done nothing for open source and who don’t realize at all what it takes to open source drivers or operating systems” (check out the recent story where some crazy folks asked Microsoft to open source Windows 7).

And if you believe Intel and AMD have perfect open source drivers you’re hugely mistaken.

Do you know how to fix problems of geforce 1050 Ti with Ubuntu 18.04 ?
The propietary drivers aren’t working