Ceph cluster on infiniband

I have a ceph cluster with 5 servers connected to my MQM8700 IB switch. using connect5-Ex cards on the servers,

I’m trying to get them to work by creating a network bridge on the ibX interfaces but the network bridge doesn’t work.

after creating the network bridges using netplan, the bridge does not get a static ip address as expected.

I’m trying to deploy the ceph cluster with openstack so the br-storage bridge is needed.

Any help will be appeciated !!

Hi jeffaw99,

Unfortunately, Infiniband to Ethernet bridges are not supported in this fashion.
We do have a product available for this use case called the Skyway - this is an IB to Ethernet gateway appliance:

If you have questions, please reach out to our Sales and Solutions teams - they will be able to assist you with developing a solution to fit your unique business needs:

Thanks, and best regards,
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