Changes in defines are not seen by studio F5 (debug-run)

(sorry about mistackes, I’m russian)
I have preproc.h files in my project, where have declared defines, like CUDA_THREADS_COUNT:
It uses only in .cu file, which is single in all project. When I try to change this number (for example, 512 threads), I need to push down ctrl+alt+F7 for full project rebuilding, because F5 (start debugging) see only changes in the code of C++/C files, not .cu, so they are not recompiled, because that constant uses only in .cu. But if ever it uses in .cpp and .cu (like, #define COLLISION_ENABLE true), it anyway compiles only C/C++ code.
How can I make my studio to understand, when .cu should be recompiled? I guess, there is some linking problem?..
(If I write something wrong or incomprehensible, please, tell it to me, I will try to rewrite some part)

Hi Nexxen,

I am guessing that the .cu file may be “excluded from build” for some reason. If things build correctly now, I think just turning off “excluded from build” will probably fail to build.

How is the .cu file compiled?

Nope, the .cu-file doesn’t excluded from the build. If it is so, I won’t get correct program when pushing atl+ctrl+F7.
File doesn’t compiled especially. As I said, alt+ctrl+F7. I guess, this combination makes nvcc works, in turn it makes compiler of VS works, so, the executable file appears.
But if I push only “debug run” with button F5, compiler of VS starts at first, so nvcc doesn’t recompiled.
But if I push “debug run” by F5 and before the .cu code was changed, the nvcc starts.
(only my guess about nvcc and cl)

This I changed define constant and press F5 : only vs-compiler started, so .cu see previous value of constant!

This I press full rebuild by alt+ctrl+F7 : nvcc started and after that vs-compiler started too, so .cu and .cpp see now current value!

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Our IT infrastructure is blocking me from looking at what you provided.
How did you create the project?

Could you share the project and sources? or at least the project?


I guess, I can’t upload my project.
I create with “CUDA Project”. I also installed Nsight. I did’t change something in settings, so it is a default project.
Where is also no sources dependence. I mean:
#include “preproc.h”
extern void CUFunc();
int main()
printf("%d\n", X);

#define X 10
void CUFunc()
printf("%d\n", X);

alt+ctrl+F7 and f5 (run) = nvcc, cl (what was started and in what sequence) => 10 10 (output)
change X to 5
f5 = cl => 5 10
alt+ctrl+F7 and f5 = nvcc, cl => 5 5

As you can see, no nvcc with f5. It means, VS see X changing, but redirect message like “There was some changes, you should recompile some stuff, dude” only to cl (VS compiler), but no to nvcc. But if alt+ctrl+F7 was pressed, VS broadcast to all “Recompile all of included files into the project!”, after that nvcc runs, because the project is CUDA, so nvcc is a boss :P

^— It is only my opinion. I can be wrong. No, I guess, I am wrong, but don’t know there :( Or maybe VS must be setup much more for rebuilding all changes by pressing f5

p.s I remebered something! I changed an option “/Zi” in compiler settings, because CUDA swears it. I guess, nvcc can’t work with “edit and continue” option. I also exclude some .lib file, because CUDA swears it too. It says, what that .lib was included before:
Linker -> Command Line -> /NODEFAULTLIB:msvcrt.lib

Linker -> General -> Enable incremental linking: No (/INCREMENTAL:NO)

C/C++ -> Debug information format: Program Database (/Zi)

that options are enables.

p.s It isn’t related to this theme, but I have some trouble with debugging kernel. When I make a breakpoint in it, I have a freeze for ~30-60 seconds and BSOD with 0x00…05 (maybe some other number… don’t remember well) error. Is there someone with the same problem which was solved?

p.p.s Hi :)

Any ideas? Or it can’t be helped without sources of the project? :(

I’ll try this out during my day tomorrow (Friday)