Chat with RTX version mismatch

Hi, I have installed Chat with RTX successfully, but when I run it there’s an error in initializing:
[03/25/2024-16:13:00] You try to use a model that was created with version 2.5.1, however, your version is 2.2.2. This might cause unexpected behavior or errors. In that case, try to update to the latest version.
TypeError: Pooling.init() got an unexpected keyword argument ‘pooling_mode_weightedmean_tokens’

By “version”, which model is it talking about? and where can I find the latest version of such thing?

It’s the version of the package sentence-transformers.
However, I installed the 2.5.1 version specifically and then it starts giving me more serious errors.
Either the uninstall ChatWithRTX (which I did earlier today) does not fully work or there is a problem with the installer when using a one week old downloaded install-file.

Solution: Rtx with Chat successfully installed but causes error when run - #4 by aakashr1996

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thanks this works!

please try the solution mentioned by @gue22. In my case it works.

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