check .gpu file when compile CUDA program

When I compile my CUDA program, it display some warnings, like

/tmp/pgcudafordwzbjtP2dWlw.gpu:44: warning: cast to pointer from integer of different size

Yet when I try to open this file, it has been deleted (properly it is intermediate file). So, are there any way for em to keep these file and check its content.


Hi Tuan,

For the PGI Accelerator model we do have a flag “-ta=nvidia,keepgpu” which will keep the temporary GPU file. I’ll request we add this for CUDA Fortran as well. The caveat is that the GPU file is a very low level CUDA C and is very hard to read. Also, it wont be long before we start targeting PTX directly and this option would be obsolete.

  • Mat

It’s good to know that. CUDA C offers many more features and I hope Fortran will soon catch it up.