Choose one to boot in bootloader about rootfs A/B Redundancy

my Jetson AGX Xavier version is 32.7.1
I used the rootfs A/B Redundancy feature and I want to manually choose which one to boot during the bootloader stage.
Please how to make it happen?

hello 519470,

may I know what’s the actual use-case?
you may switch between root file systems slot A and slot B with the nvbootctrl utility.
for example, $ sudo nvbootctrl -t rootfs set-active-boot-slot <slot>

the use case is:
I change xavier devicetree and kernel source code.
after install xavier. when I exec command “sudo apt-get upgrade”,this command will change something in rootfs. then when I reboot system. I cannot login in system. it still stuck in login UI.the rootfs Redundancy feature not start the other rootfs.
I want to change other rootfs system in bootloader, then I can flash the pre rootfs with ota

hello 519470,

this command will upgrade BSP to the latest release, hence your kernel and device tree changes has been updated.

it should reboot and switch to workable slot if you have rootfs-A/B enabled,
could you please check bootloader messages, please also share the logs for reference,

Just a thought to consider: If you have a custom device tree or kernel, then you might consider installing these as “.deb” package so that any software updates understand its dependencies and will skip this if it breaks something.

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