Clarity on NVIDIA Riva Pricing for Startups


I’m reaching out to the community for assistance regarding the commercial aspects of NVIDIA Riva. There seems to be some confusion on my part as to how Riva is marketed and priced. On NVIDIA’s official LaunchPad page for Riva, it is listed as “for free.” However, when I look at the offerings on Amazon, the pricing is indicated as $60 USD per hour for the least expensive instance (AWS Marketplace link). This rate, plus the cost of the instance itself, seems exorbitant. Practically a deterrent from using the product.

As a startup, we are particularly interested in Riva’s automatic speech recognition (ASR) capabilities. We are currently conducting trials using NVIDIA Riva downloaded from NGC and running it on AWS. NGC mentions a “90 days free” offer, but it is unclear what specifically is included in this promotion. Is it free access to the portal, the execution of Riva services, or updates to the models?

Additionally, I have seen promotions where purchasing certain NVIDIA graphics cards provides access to Riva. However, the details regarding the duration of access and whether the service can be executed on AWS or is limited to the purchased hardware are ambiguous.

We would greatly appreciate if someone could provide insight into the commercial use of Riva and if there are any special pricing options available for startups.

Thank you for your guidance.

Best regards,