"Riva can be deployed free of charge up to a certain usage limit" - clarifications

I was going through the Riva Enterprise offering, trying to understand what the offering is, and what it means for Riva that I currently deploy.

Riva Enterprise FAQ says “Riva can be deployed free of charge up to a certain usage limit” right after saying the SDK is free.

I think they mean the Riva Enterprise offering can be deployed free for a trial, correct? Can someone clarify this please. Is the SDK free, but NVIDIA will somehow charge for deploying it? Is Riva Enterprise a managed offering?

We are inception program partners, but have not had much luck getting much expertise or assistance from NVIDIA regarding Riva, and would like to explore our options. If anyone has experience with this that they could share, do let us know!

Hi @ShantanuNair

Thanks for your interest in Riva

We have few pointers below regarding your query

  • The Riva License will allow authorized users within an entity to use a Riva Product up to the maximum amount of 1,000 hours per day with respect to ASR Usage, and 25 million characters per day with respect to TTS Usage. The exact license terms will be published along with the upcoming Riva software release.
  • For enterprises looking to deploy at a scale above the daily usage limit for ASR and TTS, Riva Enterprise is a paid offering including an annual usage license option, enterprise-level support, and priority access to new offerings, software patches, upgrades and maintenance releases.

Learn more about Riva Enterprise here.

Thanks @rvinobha
Can you please clarify your first point. Is the ASR usage counted for riva self-hosted deployments? Right now we have deployed on AWS, and don’t have such limits. Does this change with future releases?

If so, I need to update my team on this, rather bad news. It would be honestly, disappointing. Despite previous discussions being brought up about licensing and roadmaps, this was never hinted at.

I’ve gone through all the Jarvis/Riva/Nemo seminars and articles, including marketing content, and never saw anything indicating that we wouldn’t be able to fully self-deploy Jarvis/Riva free of cost or that this is the direction it would take, in fact, quite the opposite.

@ShantanuNair I would like to echo your comments. This is a sudden surprise, and not a happy one. Although I understand wanting to get paid for your efforts, as far as I can tell, there were no discernible warnings for this license change. I sure hope the Enterprise program is fairly priced. We are in the midst of product development in which ASR is key, including market/pricing models that are now suddenly wrong.
I’m curious how this effects the use of Riva models that have been customized with proprietary TAO training.

According to an email I received yesterday, the usage limit only applies to the new Riva 2.0 software.

Riva 2.0 is free of charge for both development and production use up to a daily usage limit. Earlier Riva versions will continue to work unchanged.

Of course that could change between now and when the finalized license terms are eventually released.

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Hi @ShantanuNair

Thanks for your interest in Riva

Our team had been working on determining the right business model for Riva as part of the Riva Public Beta program and we believe we have been able to put together an enterprise license that is fairly priced. ASR usage is counted for self hosted deployments as well - all deployments are self hosted - Nvidia does not have a managed service offering for ASR today.

Hi @BGreenway

Thanks for your interest in Riva

ASR Usage with Riva models that have been customized with proprietary TAO training also counts against the cap. We do believe that the Riva Enterprise License is fairly priced and delivers significant value for customers who would like to achieve best possible accuracy with customizations and flexibility of deployment.