Close display in in Jetson Nano


I have some issues with the window showing the video in streaming. I am not able to close or move it, it is fixed in the center of the screen. Is there an option to move or close this window without killing the process?

Many thanks.

This is the overlay display you are talking about. Its designed like this. I’m not sure of the technicalities but it literally composites it straight onto the display memory as a high performance method to display the video stream. You can set the properties on this sink to position it via x, y, width, height.

Alternatively you can use the nveglglessink option which is a normal windowed display that you can move around with the mouse.

If you are using nvoverlaysink as display component, this is expected behavior. Use nveglglessink if you want to move the window.


I am trying to use nveglglessink with gst_element_factory_make (“queue”, “queue”) but this combination return the next error:

  • Elements could not be linked. Exiting.

Can I use queue with nveglglessink?

Many thanks.

Pls create a new topic for the new issue.