Code changes in and to switch to combination of l298n/pca9685 in place of adafruit motor driver as given in nvidia

hello,i have been using l298n motor driver with pca9685 pwm in place of adafruit motor driver.
Please help us with the code changes we need to perform in place of soldering to get to use this combination.


Thanks for reaching out!

You might find the following datasheet helpful.

There is a code sample provided for Arduino. On Jetson, you will most likely need to use the jetson-gpio library.

A first step would be to use the jetson-gpio library to control the IO pins on the motor driver for enable / PWM.

Once you’re able to turn the motors, I may be able to provide guidance on how to emulate the JetBot Robot class, if you’re looking to directly use the JetBot Jupyter notebooks.

Hope this helps please let me know if you have any questions!


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