Combine several ConnectX®-2 EN 10GbE?

Hi, i want to combine several dual-port ConnectX®-2 EN 10GbE cards on NAS server at home and connect client machines with single port ConnectX®-2 EN 10GbE card to each available port on NAS server via direct attach cable.

I run dualboot Win7/Fedora23 on clients and nas4free(freebsd) on server. Will this work? And if it will, will the clients be able to see each other or only NAS server?

According to release notes of Mellanox OFED for FreeBSD support ConnectX-3 or ConnectX-4 devices and there is no support for ConnectX-2.

Regarding the question if clients will be able to see each other, it more related to your network configuration like enable forwarding, use proxy arp, configure routing tables, etc. There are few different ways to do it and it there should be information on internet how to do it. Assuming that you’ll run TCP/IP, the instructions should be generic and work with any other vendor.