Teaming dual 25Gbe Connectx-6 lx cards - 50Gbps speed?

We have two Mellanox dual 25Gbe Connectx-6 lx cards and two Win10 computers.

We would like to aggregate them to have 50Gbe connection.

We are able to make a team via mlx5muxtool, attach both of ports to team and Mellanox Miniport Virtual Driver was created on both of computers. We added manually IP adresses, both computers can ping each other and communicate via virtual driver. But speed is still 25Gbps and virtual driver also shows this. We suppose, that teaming will double the speed. Are we wrong?

Thank you.


Hi Robert,

What driver version of WinOF2 have you installed?

Using the mlx5muxtool.exe, what type of team did you create? (IE: Aggregate or Failover)

If you query the team, do you see both members? (IE: mlx5muxtool queryteam )

Can you elaborate on your statement “But speed is still 25Gbps” and “virtual driver also shows this”?

(IE: tests performed/bandwidth measurement & virtual driver shows what).

Where do these HCA’s connect to? (IE: switch vendor model).

In aggregation mode, yes the teaming should double the speed, you might not get exactly 50Gbe but should pass 25Gbe.

Do you have a service contract with us?

A support case might be needed to further investigate and to reproduce in house.


Hi Sophie,

  1. we use version 2.7.248 of WinOF2
  2. we use Aggregate type of team
  3. mlx5muxtool queryteam list both ports
  4. iperf3 tool can reach max 24.8Gbit/sec. with TCP Window 1024k
  5. we have connected two PC via direct SPF28 cables
  6. we have no service contract, we are testing QNap version of Mellanox ConnectX-6 LX cards

Screenshot of the setting is attached.

Best regards


Hi Robert,

Where version 2.7.248 was pulled from? According to our website, our latest WinOF2 version is 2.70.51000 (

Are you aligned with the supported FW (26.31.1014)? (

There is no known issue documented from our driver/FW RN in regard to teaming.

This particular issue will require an internal reproduction.

A support case will be needed to further investigate and to reproduce in house.