connectx-6 lx teaming mlx5muxtool doesn't find adapters

Hello there,

i recently installed a connectx-6 lx card in a workstation running windows 10 21H2. i downloaded and installed the latest WINOF2-driver version 2.70.53000_all with all features.

in my device manager i can get the following information:

Driver version: 2.70.24739.0

Firmware version: 26.31.1014

Part number: MCX6311102AC-ADAT

I then ran the mlx5up.exe to ensure the latest firmware version is installed.

running “mlx5muxtool showlist” shows no results.

i checked the registry. the value for installed path unter HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE_\SOFTWARE\MELLANOX\MLNX_WINOF2 is C:\Program Files\Mellanox\MLNX_WINOF2

so in theory I assume the muxtool should be able to find the mux drivers. What am i missing here? Can anybody help me in that case?

best regards,

Andreas Wolf

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Dear Andreas,

I had the same issue, but I managed to find the IDs for the adapters using PowerShell:

Get-NetAdapter | Select InstanceID, Name


Dear Peter,

until now I didn’t find a solution. There is a new driver version Win-OF-2 2.90 released. I might give that a try together with checking for the latest firmware on the cards.
It seems though that Mellanox isn’t updating the mlx5muxtool. But still worth a try. Other people seemed to have had success with Connectx-6 cards, as far as I remember.


Hi Peter,
with the updated Win-OF2 3.0 release mlx5muxtool.exe finds adapters and you can create a team normally.
best regards,