Looking for .mlx file for ConnectX 4 Lx

Recently we have received two network adapters to upgrade ones in our servers. Adapters are shipped from Huawei, but they are based on the Mellanox ConnectX 4 Lx. After installing one of the adapters the OS (Windows Server 2019) started to log the warnings:

Mellanox ConnectX-4 Lx Ethernet Adapter #7 Firmware version 14.20.1010 is below the minimum FW version recommended for this driver.
Minimum recommended Firmware version for this driver: 14.31.1014.

Also PS commandlets do not return information about available\allocated VMQs, and guest OSes inside the VM cannot setup RSS.
I have tried to update the firmware from Nvidia Download Center, both OEM and common images of different versions - no success. The result was “no cable connected” on both ports.
As the last resort, I want to build a custom firmware using the config file grabbed from the original firmware. Is it possible to get a .mlx image file of version 14.31.1014?