How to create multiple vlan interfaces and teams

I have a connectx-2 nic card and a connectx-4 lx nic card in the same machine.

Both of them installed latest firmware and driver.

But I found that the vlan panel and team panel disappeared for the connectx-4 lx, while both of them working on the connectx-2(Mellanox ConnectX-2 Ethernet Adapter properties window).

So how to create temas and multiple vlans for the connectx-4?

OS: Win10 1809


firmware: 2.9.1200


connectx-4 lx(MCX4121A-ACAT)

firmware: 14.24.1000

driver: 2.10.20286.0

The procedure of Teamning & Vlan configuration can be found in chapter 3.2.4 of the user-manual (see link)

As for your system - you seem to have a mismatching / compatibility configuration problem of the 2x Mellanox adapters vs. drivers. vs. fw that you’ve installed in the Win10 1809 client.

ConnectX-2 is not supported anymore within WinOF driver v5.50 (End-of life) and its “coexistence” with Connectx-4 LX is also not supported and may be the reason for the vxlan & teaming malfunctioning in CX-4 LX

To isolate the problem I would suggest, as a short test. to remove the WinOF v5.50 driver → remove ConnectX-2 parader from the Win10 Client

Check now if teaming & Vlan are feasible for ConnectX-4 LX adapter within WinOF-2 v2.10

If issue still persists - then suggesting you approach for further assistance

Thanks for reply.

I have tried only plugin connectx-4 lx nic & uninstall winof driver & reinstall winof2 driver, but there’s still no vlan tab on the adapter property window.

Chapter 3.2.4 suggest use windows team function to create team and vlan, and from step 6’ screenshot, we can confirm that there’s no vlan tab.

Why does the connectx-2+winof driver(5.50.14643.1)+win 10 client (1809) support create teams & vlans(each vlan has a virtual adapter) by the driver function(which installed by the winof driver and appear on the adapter property window, called Teaming, Vlan).(See MLNX_VPI_Windows_Installation_Guide_2_1_2.pdf Section 10)

But for the more advance adapter there’s no such function or command.