ConnectX-2 Firmware / Performance?

Hi this is my first Post and my first venture in to the 10G World, I picked up 2 - ConnectX-2 Cards and installed them in two Hyper-V Servers to use as a private network connection for live migrations until we can get a 10G Switch (So these are connected together directly).

With this in mind I downloaded what I believed was the latest version of software / driver that supports the ConnectX-2 Cards (MLNX_VPI_WinOF-4_80_All_win2012R2_x64). The driver installs properly and I can see all of the information in the properties tab.

I am however getting two (make that 3) different messages in my event viewer and wonder were I can get the updated firmware that is mentioned. Here are the two entries I am seeing.

The firmware version that is burned on the Mellanox ConnectX-2 Ethernet Adapter device does not support Network Direct functionality. This may affect the File Transfer (SMB) performance. The current firmware version is 2.9.1200 while we recommend using firmware version 2.9.8350 or higher. Please burn a newer firmware and restart the Mellanox ConnectX device. For more details about firmware burning process please refer to Support information on

Mellanox ConnectX-2 Ethernet Adapter device reports that the “QOS (ETS) capability is missing”. The current firmware does not support the QOS (ETS) capability. Please burn the latest firmware and restart your machine. (The issue is reported in Function SetHardwareAssistAttributes).

The File Transfer (SMB) performance may be affected as Network Direct functionality is not supported in ConnectX-2 firmware version.

Keep in mind that the connection is working, I am seeing about 2.5Gb/s transfers between the systems which I can’t complain about but was wondering if I can get better?

Thanks in advance.

Thanks again for the information but as I said this is my first venture in to the 10G World and while I certainly know what firmware is I don’t have any clue on how to make my own firmware is there some kind of guide? I am using these two cards as a direct connection between two servers. A 10G Switch is way out of my budget at this point but hope to get one someday.

Firmware 2.9.1xxx is the latest/last available ConnectX-2 firmware.

Firmware is for ConnectX-3 adapters.

Proper SMB functionality/support requires ConnectX-3 adapters.

In general there was some conflicting documentation, and driver messages, in the past referencing SMB support for ConnectX-2, but you really need ConnectX-3 adapters for proper functionality.

SMB Direct supported firmware 2.10.720 only.

And if you have a ethernet adapter you must use DCB(X) 10Gb switch that can support loseless ethernet.

Good luck…:)

Thanks -

I found this article which does explain a lot but when I try and follow the steps I don’t get any firmware files. There is also a post somewhere that states that some of the newer firmware will also work with the ConnectX-2’s and gives even more functionality.

Thanks for the reply, so I can’t upgrade the firmware beyond the 2.9.1200 that I have now? This is where I am confused, why say I have an older / out of date firmware if a newer one isn’t available / possible for the card that I have?

Assuming I can’t upgrade beyond what I have, I am basically as my speed limit connection wise (Directly connected) until I get a supported switch?

If there is a firmware problem - not hardware fault - you can recover firmware in recovery mode via jumper that on your HCA…:)

Microsoft drive a RDMA support with SMB Direct - file based service, not block…:(

I can’t remember what VPI WinOF version contain firmware 2.10.720.

You can get it archive driver link…:

If you are Ethernet user then you must build your custom firmware that can support your CX-2 adapter, too!

I remember that WinOF has a raw format firmware file.

You can extracted configuration file to cx2the.ini with WinMFT tools from your adapter then you can build your firmware with *.ini + raw firmware file.

Finally you get a cx2eth.bin then you can update firmware eith mlxburn…:)

Good luck!


I remember some link that resolve the same issue like you.

Wait a some time.

I’ll find for you.

The articles on the link will be helpful to you…:)

Yeah I believe I bricked two of my ConnectX-2 Cards trying to update the firmware. Oh well thankfully they are inexpensive =(