Mellanox ConnectX-2 Card Windows 11 Problem Hk

Hello I bought 2 Mellanox MNPA19-XTR cards excitedly to upgrade my home network to 10Gb. My client computer is Windows 11 on the other side I will install openmediavault or truenas. Windows 11 automatically recognized the Mellanox Connectx-2 card. However, when I want to check the firmware and properties of the card with some commands, it gives the following error message. Although it shows as properly installed in Windows 11 device manager, something seems to be wrong. How can I verify that the card is working fine and how can I update the firmware and properties. Has anyone recently recognized the mellanox connectx-2 card in Windows 11 and updated the firmware?

What could be the cause of the following errors?

PS C:\Windows\system32> mst status

MST devices:



PS C:\Windows\system32>

PS C:\Windows\system32> mlxup

Querying Mellanox devices firmware …

FATAL - Can’t find device id.

FATAL - Can’t find device id.

FATAL - Can’t find device id.

Device #1:

Device Type: N/A

Part Number: –



PCI Device Name: mt26448_pci_cr0

Port1 MAC: N/A

Port1 GUID: N/A

Port2 MAC: N/A

Port2 GUID: N/A

Versions: Current Available

FW –

Status: Failed to open device

-E- Failed to query mt26448_pci_cr0 device, error : MFE_UNSUPPORTED_DEVICE

PS C:\Windows\system32> flint -d mt26448_pciconf0 query

FATAL - Can’t find device id.

-E- Cannot open Device: mt26448_pciconf0. MFE_UNSUPPORTED_DEVICE


The first WinOF-2 driver version tested/supported Windows11 is v2.80.
Tested Operating System - WinOF-2 v2.80 - NVIDIA Networking Docs

But, this v2.80 version only support ConnectX-4/ConnectX-5/ConnectX-6/BlueField-2. Your ConnectX-2 NIC is not supported in our WinOF-2 v2.80 driver, and it’s EOL already.
Supported Network Adapter Cards and MFT Tools - WinOF-2 v2.80 - NVIDIA Networking Docs

We can’t provide further support regarding how to use this ConnectX-2 NIC on Win11 and update firmware.