ConnectX-5 is "sometimes" recognized by Windows 10

I have just installed a MCX516A-CCAT card in my Windows 10 workstation. I installed the WinOF-2 Driver and the MFT as suggested in ESPCommunity.
Running “mst status” usually returns “mt4119_pciconf0”, but, after some times (from seconds to minutes), the card stops working and the previous command returns “No MST devices found”. Then I have to reboot the machine to make it again detected by Windows. In Windows device manager, a warning symbol appears over the icon of the first adapter when the card starts to be not detected. Moreover, after refreshing the list of detected hardware, the network adapters are no more shown.
Please consider that the the card was previously installed in a Linux workstation and worked correctly.
Could you help me, please?
Thank you in advance,



Base on your description, I have the following suggestions:

  1. Move this NIC from this Windows 10 workstation to a Linux server, then upgrade the FW version to the latest version 16.35.2000 vesrion.

  2. Move this NIC back to this Windows 10 workstation, if you workstation has another PCI slot, try to plug into other PCI slot.

  3. Boot up your Windows 10 workstation, enter the server BIOS configuration. If there is any performance/tuning config for that specific PCI slot, please make sure the BIOS configs are all good.

  4. Boot into Windows system, try again in device manager.

Sembra che mi abbiano considerato sul forum NVIDIA/Mellanox.

A quanto capisco si deve rimettere la scheda 100 Gbit/s su Linux, fare l’upgrade del firmware e poi installarla su Windows.

Sempre più complicato…