NVIDIA Mellanox MCX512A-ACAT ConnectX®-5 EN Network Interface Card

I just installed NVIDIA Mellanox MCX512A-ACAT ConnectX®-5 EN Network Interface Card in Dell Percession 3930R on windows 10 pro and I am getting a:

This device cannot start. (Code 10)
{Operation Failed}
The requested operation was unsuccessful.

in device Manager.

things I have Tried:
installed the driver WinOF-2

Things I did not do:
update Firmware (I need to check current firmware version)

any suggestions how to fix this issue?

Hello t8z5h3,

Thank you for posting your inquiry on the NVIDIA Developer Forum - Infrastructure and Networking - Section.

If you install the latest WinOF-2 driver, the f/w will be upgraded automatically during driver install. In case you adapter is an OEM adapter (HPE/Dell/SM/Lenono), this f/w upgrade will not happen and needs to be done manually as you need to download the correct f/w image through the OEM website.

Instructions on how-to burn a new f/w manually on the adapter you can find through the following link → https://docs.nvidia.com/networking/display/MFTv4240/Burning+a+Firmware+Image

Thank you and regards,
~NVIDIA Networking Technical Support

I did manually update the image to the last version.
Does the connectx-5 have to be in a pci-e 3.0 8x wired slot or can it run in a pci-e 3.0 4x wired slot?

The adapter you have is a PCI 3.0 x8 adapter (https://network.nvidia.com/files/doc-2020/pb-connectx-5-en-card.pdf)

It needs to be in a x8 slot. x4 does not work.

the attached Document on your last post, Page 3 (top) at the PCI Express interface Section 4th point down:
Auto-Negotiates to X16,x8,x4,x2,x1 lane(s)

based on this: https://www.dell.com/support/manuals/en-ca/precision-3930r-workstation/precision3930_rack_setup_and_specs/system-board-connectors?guid=guid-c04bd59c-1619-4c64-93f2-52308d13f5a3&lang=en-us

I need to move the ConnectX-5 card from Riser 2 to Riser 1A. correct?

You were right. It needs a pci-e x8 connection

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