MCX545B-CCUN installed, lspci, ethtool do not display any info about the device

Running on Debian 10.8 with proxmox-ve 6.4 install. I have two servers where the device MCX545B-CCUN is not visible in lspci output nor ethtool. When I run the install driver script , I get the following message

Setting up mlnx-fw-updater (5.5- …


Attempting to perform Firmware update…

No devices found!

Any ideas why lspci is not finding the device. What could be causing this.



Hello Mark,

Thank you for posting your inquiry on the NVIDIA Networking Community.

Several issues can be the cause on what you are experiencing.

  • Adapter is faulted → Please move the adapter to another known working node to see if the issue follows the adapter. Very unlikely that this is the issue, as you mentioned you have two nodes behaving the same way.
  • System-board/platform does not support the adapter → please consult with your h/w vendor
  • Adapter is not plugged into the correct slot → This OCP adapter requires a PCIGen3 x16 slot for the adapter to operated. Also make sure your platform is capable delivering the required power to the adapter.
  • System Platform BIOS settings prevent the adapter to initialize during power-on → Check with h/w vendor for correct BIOS settings

If you are still experiencing issues with the adapter after these check-points, please do open a NVIDIA Networking Support ticket (valid support contract needed), so we can assist you through the ticket →

Thank you and regards,

~NVIDIA Networking Technical Support