Help with Mellanox MHGA28-XTC InfiniHost III Ex Installation on Windows

Hiya, I hope you can help me.

I have purchased the MHGA28-XTC card (Revision 5) I am wanting to install it on Windows 10 (Ideally)

I have followed the instructions on the Mellanox website but for my trying I cannot get the card installed. I have tried it on different machines, on different OS’s from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and also on Windows server 2016.

The Device manager sees the card as an Infiniband Controller, and when i follow the instructions to download and install the Card but it doesnt want to know, I have tried forcing the driver onto the card and the best i have got is that it will take the driver, and the device will appear in Network Devices but its disabled, and I cannot enable it.

I have used the MST Status command and it always states that there are no MST Devices detected, even though Windows sees the PCI Card (ive used multiple PCI Slots also)

If someone could basically take me through this step by step I would be eternally grateful.

Hi Graham,

Thank you for posting your question on the Mellanox Community.

Unfortunately, the Mellanox Infinihost III adapter MHGA28-XTC is EOL for awhile. Our latest drivers do not provide any support for this HCA.

I have found the following post online, regarding the bring-up of these HCA’s under Windows 7.

The link to the post → CALL GLOP(): Connecting two Windows 7 computers with low-cost Infiniband CALL GLOP(): Connecting two Windows 7 computers with low-cost Infiniband

Hopefully the post’s instructions will resolve your issue.

Thanks and regards,

~Mellanox Technical Support