Problema con Tarjeta infiniband Qlogic 4x QDR IB PCI-E G2 HCA

Buenos Dias, tengo un problema al instalar la tarjeta infiniband, la misma aparece en el administrador de dispositivos como no instalada, estoy usando Windows Server standar 2012 r2, y estoy instalando los driver MLNX_VPI_WinOF-5_35_All_win2012R2_x64 el cual debería de reconocerla sin embargo no lo reconoce, he desabilitado los Drivers Enforced Signature, he utilizado un Driver Pack Solution, sin embargo sigue sin reconocer la tarjeta, habra algun parche o programa para hacer que la reconozca? otro dato esta conectada en un puerto PCI-E y el servidor es un HP proliant dl360g6 alguna informacion adicional que pueda dar?

Morning, yi have a problem with the installation of Qlogic 4x QDR IB PCI-E G2 HCA Infiniband Card, i have an HP Proliant DL360 G6 server with server 2012 r2, im using MLNX_VPI_WinOF-5_35_All_win2012R2_x64 driver and also i ran an driver pack solution software but in the Divice Panel the infiband card appears like its not intalled so, i have tried evereithing but i still cant install this CARDS, so if anyone can helpme i really apriciated.


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I run a quick translation on your post. hopefully it is accurate enough:

Good morning, I have a problem installing the card infiniband*, it appears in the device manager as not installed, I am using Windows Server* standar 2012 r2, and I am installing the drivers MLNX_VPI_WinOF-5_35_All_win2012R2_x64 which should recognize it but does not recognize it , I disabled the Enforced Signature Drivers, I used a Driver Pack Solution, but still does not recognize the card, will there be any patch or program to make it recognize? another data is connected on a PCI-E port and the server is an HP proliant dl360g6 any additional information you can give?

Thank you

If you’ll have a look at the HO Qlogic 4x QDR IB PCI-e G2 HCA overview (see: ) then you’ll find that this card is based on the Mellanox Connectx-2 IB technology, in which unfortunately is not supported by Mellanox WinOF-driver v5.35 (supports only ConnectX-3 / Connect-X 3 Pro ) - see:

WinOF driver v4.80 is the last Mellanox driver that supports ConnectX-2 based adapters over Windows 2012 R2. Can be retrieved from Mellaox website

In case adapter is still not revealed properly by “device-manager” then suggesting to apply to HP/Qlogic and ask to advice you if & what driver & FW they can supply to that adapter.

Generally speaking – Mellanox already declared Connectx-2 adapters as EOL

Thanx for the info but still i cant find any driver i also talk to HP and tehy dindt gave me an answer but still thank you!